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Purchase Transaction - Edmonton, AB.

*Legal Basement Suite - Perfect home for first time home buyers - HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

As a mortgage broker/real estate investor, I always recommend my clients to purchase a property that comes with a legal or illegal basement suite so that their mortgage gets covered - Let your tenants pay your mortgage, live for FREE!

It's crucial for mortgage brokers to educate clients to fully understand the difference between Assets VS Liabilities.

Is your bank/mortgage advisor giving you any advice on that?

Do yourself a favour - Talk to THE true expert.

Remember, if you are purchasing a property and your property takes money away from you, you are purchasing a liability - not an asset.

If you are purchasing an asset, your asset should generate income even while you're asleep. Consult with the true expert, do yourself a favour and start making passive income. 😉

JD Lee

Mortgage Broker (AB)

Submortgage Broker (BC)

Mortgage Agent Level 2 (ON)

M: 1-587-968-1490

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