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Are you looking for the real deal?

Are you looking for the mortgage broker with integrity?


Did your mortgage advisor ever reach out to you when there's an opportunity to help you save and make money?


A lot of mortgage advisors and brokers never talk about your priorities. 

How can they give you quality advice if they do not understand what you are looking to accomplish financially? 


Let’s discuss your PRIORITIES FIRST so that I can help you make an INFORMED DECISION.


Based on your profile, priorities, future plans, I will find THE BEST MORTGAGE PRODUCT with BEST RATES. 

Look no further, I am the mortgage broker that will help you save and make money BIG TIME.

Mortgage Broker (AB)

Submortgage Broker (BC)

Mortgage Agent Level 2 (ON) 


Mortgage Architects | JD Lee Mortgage


Brokerage License #12728

Mortgage Agent License #M21002742 


M: 1-587-968-1490



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