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Purchase - Foreign buyer ban

Foreign buyer ban?

Oh - this one was one of the toughest files approved in my career.... needed to jump through hoops, going back and forth with lenders....Foreign buyer ban is so new and nobody knew the answer!!!

My clients made an unconditional offer on the home and all the lenders (A,B,C) were saying they were not able to support the file as clients' work permit expired...the broker my client was working with was not able to find a solution at all, so he reached out to me...!

After so many calls with lenders, legal team, director of sales, broker relationship managers, lawyers.... I explained over and over again that there wouldn't be any legal issue and any parties involved in this transaction won't be liable..

and... I made this work! I fought so hard for this deal...I would never give up until I completely exhausted all the options. I am beyond happy that I was pull this off.

What did I do so differently? Other brokers were simply saying that this cannot be done due to "foreign buyer ban" - Are you sure?

Did you even bother looking up all the details about the ban? - I did and figured it out.

Never say never.

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