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Purchase - First time home buyer.

Realtors - Are you losing deals because of financing condition? I can get things done in a day or two when clients are well-prepared. Do yourself a favor, stop wasting time. I will get things done for you. Contact me now!

Pre-approved the client a week ago, made an offer last Saturday, sent it to the lender on Sunday (Banks are closed, but I do work for my clients over the weekend if they have an accepted offer!), got it approved on Monday 11 AM, everything signed off.

Subject removal - Condition of financing removal date is April 22nd, 2023 - April 17th, 2023 - ALL SIGNED OFF.

High Volume Brokers can get things done super fast as lenders prioritize high volume broker's deal.

JD Lee

Mortgage Broker

M: 1-587-968-1490

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