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Knowledge Knowledge Knowledge

Knowledge... knowledge.. knowledge... ask more probing questions and find out what suits best for your clients..

I helped my clients with replacement policy... what does this mean? Clients paid $9000 in penalty last year march when he sold his primary home and discharged his mortgage... and I asked which lender his mortgage was with. Big Green.

Okay... he explained how unhappy he was when he was charged $9K in penalty...

and here I go. I explained reasons why it makes sense for him to get a mortgage from Big Green again although their rates were a bit higher than other competitors at the time, and explained in detail how I can get him $9000 back!

At the end, I replaced his mortgage with a new mortgage, got that penalty $9000 reimbursed, and what's more? I got him the lowest rate as I continued to negotiate rates for him.

I truly believe that our job isn't just shopping around rates for clients. One of great examples why the lowest rate isn't the lowest cost.

JD Lee

Mortgage Broker (AB)

Submortgage Broker (BC)

Mortgage Agent Level 2 (ON)

M: 1-587-968-1490

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