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First Time Home Buyer - 4.49%

First Time Home Buyer4.49% 5 year fixed rate - 5 year fixed rate is currently hovering around 5.39% with less than 20% down AKA insured mortgage.

It's 0.9% difference! I am beyond glad that I've been holding this amazing rate for my clients!Believe it or not, some of my clients were telling me there was no point of holding 4.49% 5 year fixed rate... well..sometimes I don't even hold a rate when rates are trending down...I saw rate increase coming - so glad that I was holding this amazing rate for my clients!

You, as a client, do not need to keep your eyes on rates. We, mortgage brokers, do take care of everything for you - Hassle Free. Feel confident and work with "the mortgage expert" that you can count on.

JD Lee

Mortgage Broker

M: 1-587-968-1490





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