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Fastest Approval

Purchase Transaction - All the financing conditions satisfied in 3 days - Fastest Approval with great rates. Contact me now!

I asked all the documents upfront and made sure nothing gets in the way during the mortgage approval process - No additional documents were asked!

Pre-approved for $600, $660K offer accepted. I am beyond happy that I was able to pull this off for my clients and get approved for more than he was pre-approved. We do not recommend our clients to go over their budget, however, sometimes, this happens. As an experienced mortgage broker, we do fully understand what types of exceptions can be granted by a lender.

If you are looking for a top-notch mortgage broker, please reach out to JD Lee Mortgage :)

JD Lee

Mortgage Broker (AB)

Submortgage Broker (BC)

Mortgage Agent Level 2 (ON)

M: 1-587-968-1490

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