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JD Lee - Mortgage Broker KOR/ENG
Licensed in AB/ON/BC

Did your bank advisor ever reach out to you when there's an opportunity to help you save and make money? Probably not...

Are you sick and tired of hearing wishy washy advice from your mortgage advisors? 

Here I am. I will be your forever mortgage buddy that will help you save and make more money. I work with 50 + lenders across Canada, and find you the best mortgage product with best rates.

PURCHASE - I will make the PROCESS SEAMLESS for you.

RENEWAL - I will negotiate BETTER RATES for you.

REFINANCE - I will help MAKE MONEY WORK for you. 

DECLINED - APPROVED with other lenders.


Stop wasting your time. Let the expert take care of your mortgage.



Mortgage Broker (AB)

Submortgage Broker (BC)

Mortgage Agent Level 2 (ON) 


Mortgage Architects | JD Lee Mortgage


Brokerage License #12728

Mortgage Agent License #M21002742 


M: 1-587-968-1490


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I cannot express my gratitude enough for JD, the incredible mortgage broker who worked tirelessly to secure my mortgage approval. Facing a challenging situation with my work permit, JD went above and beyond to ensure that my application was taken care of. He truly made the impossible possible, and I am forever grateful.
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